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View basicconstraints.swift
Super-basic layout utilities
#if os(OSX)
import Cocoa
public typealias View = NSView
orj / NSErrorUserInfoValueProviding.swift
Last active Oct 5, 2016
A protocol that can be adopted by ErrorType, RawRepresentable conforming types that provides a mechanism for providing NSError userInfo values.
View NSErrorUserInfoValueProviding.swift
/// A protocol that can be adopted by ErrorType, RawRepresentable conforming types that
/// provides a mechanism for providing NSError userInfo values.
/// There are nil returning default implementations of all of the members of this protocol.
protocol NSErrorUserInfoValueProviding {
var localizedDescription: String? { get }
var localizedFailureReason: String? { get }
var localizedRecoverySuggestion: String? { get }
var localizedRecoveryOptions: [String]? { get }
Ashton-W / .lldbinit
Created Apr 19, 2016
LLDB sim_location command (lldbinit)
View .lldbinit
command alias sim_location expr (void)NSLog(@"Printing Simulator App Paths:\n\nBundle:\n%@\n\nDocuments:\n%@\n\n", [[NSBundle mainBundle] resourcePath], [[[[NSFileManager defaultManager] URLsForDirectory:NSDocumentDirectory inDomains:NSUserDomainMask] lastObject] resourceSpecifier]);
nicolas-miari / NSError+Shorthand.swift
Last active May 22, 2017
Swift extension that provides convenient shorthands for initializing `NSError` objects.
View NSError+Shorthand.swift
Provides convenient shorthands for initializing `NSError` objects.
extension NSError {
Same as `init(domain:code:userInfo:)`, but `domain` defaults to the app's
bundle indentifier.
convenience init(code: Int, userInfo: [NSObject : AnyObject]?) {
let bundleIdentifier = NSBundle.mainBundle().bundleIdentifier!
View mongo-notes.js
// start mongod
ulimit -n 2048 && mongod
// ctrl-c ends in same window, but can also use
killall mongod
// start mongod with data directory in another location
mongod -dbpath /path/to/data/dir
// open command line interface (mongo shell)
// restore a DB dump from a binary (BSON) dump file
dalu93 / Fastfile
Last active Sep 23, 2016
Fastfile example
View Fastfile
fastlane_version "1.49.0"
default_platform :ios
slack_webhook = 'https://...' #See Slack Incoming Webhook
slack_default_channel = '#channel'
default_production_scheme = 'YOUR-PRODUCTION-SCHEME'
certificates_output_path = './certificates'
profiles_output_path = './profiles'
"""Get useful information from live Python objects.
This module encapsulates the interface provided by the internal special
attributes (co_*, im_*, tb_*, etc.) in a friendlier fashion.
It also provides some help for examining source code and class layout.
Here are some of the useful functions provided by this module:
ismodule(), isclass(), ismethod(), isfunction(), isgeneratorfunction(),
isgenerator(), istraceback(), isframe(), iscode(), isbuiltin(),
View gist:7bfc388a8144ddbeaf5d

NSLog(@"%@", [[[UIApplication sharedApplication] keyWindow] performSelector:@selector(_autolayoutTrace)]);
po [[UIWindow keyWindow] _autolayoutTrace];

Cocoa layout example

UIViewShowAlignmentRects YES

chanpory / gist:21b7ee3a39c3f693a716
Last active Aug 31, 2016
Shell command to create a new tab in Mac OS X terminal
View gist:21b7ee3a39c3f693a716
# Opens a new tab in the current Terminal window and optionally executes a command.
# When invoked via a function named 'newwin', opens a new Terminal *window* instead.
# From
newtab() {
# If this function was invoked directly by a function named 'newwin', we open a new *window* instead
# of a new tab in the existing window.
local funcName=$FUNCNAME
local targetType='tab'
danthegoodman /
Last active Sep 2, 2016
iTerm niceties for bash
# Sends a message to growl from the terminal
# Usage: alert <text>
# Result: Growl notification with text
# Example: sleep 10 ; alert 'I am awake'
alert() { echo -e $'\e]9;'${@}'\007' ; }
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