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$ cucumber --profile wip
Using the wip profile...
Feature: Manage locations
In order to manage locations
As a user
I want to create and edit my locations.
Scenario Outline: Delete a location # features/managing_locations.feature:42
Given there are 4 locations # features/step_definitions/location_steps.rb:40
And I am on the <language> site # features/step_definitions/location_steps.rb:5
And I "<action>" the 3rd location # features/step_definitions/location_steps.rb:44
Then I should see 3 locations # features/step_definitions/location_steps.rb:48
| language | action |
| en | Delete |
TODO (Cucumber::Pending)
./features/step_definitions/location_steps.rb:45:in `/^I "([^"]*)" the (\d+)rd location$/'
features/managing_locations.feature:45:in `And I "<action>" the 3rd location'
1 scenario (1 pending)
4 steps (1 skipped, 1 pending, 2 passed)
The --wip switch was used, so the failures were expected. All is good.
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