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Dataset list with popover examples
<p>This is a list of <a href="#datasetgroup-1" data-module="popover-list">5 datasets</a>.
Imagine there is more text here and it carries on in a paragraph.</p>
<p id="datasetgroup-1" class="js-hide">Everything in this paragraph
should appear within the popover.</p>
// Location: ckan/public/base/javascript/modules/popover-list.js
this.ckan.module('popover-list', function (jQuery, _) {
return {
initialize: function () {
var id = this.el.prop('href').replace(/.+\#/, '');
var content = jQuery('#' + id).html();
if (content) {
title: this.el.text(),
content: content
// File: ckan/public/base/javascript/resource.config
// Add this to the end of the ckan definition:
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