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Use nightly build of wp-cli for wpdistillery
#!/usr/bin/env bash
# WPDIstillery provisioning file
# updated to use nightly build of WP-CLI
# Author: John Pitchko/Flurin Dürst
# URL:
# File version 1.1.1
# update WP-CLI
# since Scotch Box 3.0 (php7), we have to reinstall WP-CLI
echo "== Update WP CLI (re-install) =="
cd ../../../
sudo rm usr/local/bin/wp
sudo curl -O
sudo chmod +x wp-cli-nightly.phar
sudo mv wp-cli-nightly.phar /usr/local/bin/wp
echo "WP-CLI Update successful"
# run WPDistillery
echo "== Run WPDistillery =="
cd ../../var/www/wpdistillery
sudo -u vagrant bash
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