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The simplest and most complete Conference Standard of Conduct Possible
Who is covered?
Anyone who is affiliated with this Conference (The “Participant”) is expected to conduct oneself in a civil manner and treat any other Participant with respect and civility. (The “Standard of Conduct”). A Participant includes, but is not limited to any Conference attendee, guest, sponsor, or staff.
What is covered?
The Standard of Conduct is defined by what is deemed to be generally accepted by the Conference; the conference location (the ”Venue”); the Venue’s own standards of conduct, rules and regulations; or any legal authority of which the Venue or Participant is subject. Any other conduct by a Participant that otherwise disrupts another Participant’s Conference experience shall be covered as well.
How is this enforced?
Only timely and directly reports of violations with sufficient factual details to the Conference can be investigated. Upon investigation, allegations may result in sanctions including, but not limited to expulsion from the Conference and Venue without recourse. Any report deemed to have not been made in good faith or with a reasonable factual basis shall be treated as a violation. Investigations and sanctions imposed shall be conducted and determined in the sole discretion of the Conference. Nothing in this Standard of Conduct interferes with or discourages a Participant from exercising his or her right to contact the Venue and/or law enforcement directly and in such a case; the Conference shall fully cooperate with the Venue and law enforcement.
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