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Last active December 24, 2022 14:27
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ARCS Delete File Procedure
PROCEDURE delete_file
(p_base_url IN VARCHAR2,
p_file_name IN VARCHAR2,
p_file_path IN VARCHAR2) IS
l_payload_json CLOB;
l_response_clob CLOB;
l_complete_url VARCHAR2(500);
lc_interop_path CONSTANT VARCHAR2(100) := 'interop/rest/v3/files/delete';
l_status NUMBER;
l_details VARCHAR2(1000);
-- Set the HTTP Headers for uploading a binary file.
apex_web_service.g_request_headers(1).NAME := 'Content-Type';
apex_web_service.g_request_headers(1).VALUE := 'application/json';
-- Build complete URL to REST API.
l_complete_url := p_base_url || lc_interop_path;'XX Delete API URL [%s]', l_complete_url);
-- Build JSON Payload
l_payload_json := '{' ||
'"fileName": '|| apex_json.stringify(p_file_path||'/'||p_file_name)||
'}';'XX JSON Payload [%s]', l_payload_json);
-- Call the REST API to Delete the File.
l_response_clob := apex_web_service.make_rest_request
(p_url => l_complete_url,
p_http_method => 'POST',
p_transfer_timeout => 10,
p_body => l_payload_json,
p_credential_static_id => 'ARCS_BASIC_AUTH');'XX HTTP Response [%s], Payload [%s]', apex_web_service.g_status_code, l_response_clob);
IF apex_web_service.g_status_code = 200 THEN
-- Check the status field in the JSON response.
l_status := apex_json.get_number(p_path => 'status');
IF l_status <> 0 THEN
l_details := apex_json.get_varchar2(p_path => 'details');
apex_debug.error('XX API Status [%s], Details [%s]', apex_json.get_number(p_path => 'status'), l_details);
raise_application_error(-20001, 'Failed to Delete File ['||l_details||']');
apex_debug.error('XX HTTP Error [%s], Payload [%s]', apex_web_service.g_status_code, l_response_clob);
raise_application_error(-20002, 'Error from Delete File API ['||apex_web_service.g_status_code||']' || l_response_clob);
END delete_file;
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