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Get the size of any object in Python
import sys
def get_size(obj, seen=None):
"""Recursively finds size of objects"""
size = sys.getsizeof(obj)
if seen is None:
seen = set()
obj_id = id(obj)
if obj_id in seen:
return 0
# Important mark as seen *before* entering recursion to gracefully handle
# self-referential objects
if isinstance(obj, dict):
size += sum([get_size(v, seen) for v in obj.values()])
size += sum([get_size(k, seen) for k in obj.keys()])
elif hasattr(obj, '__dict__'):
size += get_size(obj.__dict__, seen)
elif hasattr(obj, '__iter__') and not isinstance(obj, (str, bytes, bytearray)):
size += sum([get_size(i, seen) for i in obj])
return size
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