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November 21 2015 - New Theme:

New Theme:

My site has a new look and feel! I thought I should update its theme to a more modern one. I’m growing, along with my blog’s theme (awwww, how cute) 😂.

Generally, what I write on my blog is pretty personal and I write as if no one is reading. I like to do that because it keeps it personal and honest and I can be myself.

However, in my professional life I always write code as if another developer will be (at some point) reading it. Doing this, can take more time than just haphazardly writing functions and selectors that won't scale or make sense in the future. And, while I have no plans of releasing the new theme to the open source community at this time, I tried to write the theme so that it could be used on anyone else's site with minimal headache. One item that is currently hard-coded is the photo and the personal "greeting message" at the top of the homepage. If I was going to release this theme, I’d strip that code out and place it into WP plugin (it's currently sitting in header.php).

I wanted to bring the theme into the modern day and use modern web practices, only. Everything on the site now uses rem units, which is awesome. I’ve recently started using them everywhere and I haven’t looked back. While they are not fully supported in all browsers yet, I don’t care! Basically, any browser that supports media queries, supports rem units. That’s good enough for me – I think we need to stop supporting ancient versions of IE 8. Except for edge cases, I'd say people using < IE10 won't want to visit my websites anyways.

Other front-end technology that was used to level the theme up was: Grunt, Sass, Bower, CSS3, and the Tumblr API.

I’m curious to think what other people think of it. Let me know if you have any comments or suggestions below.

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