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October 17 2018 - What Have I Been Working On? (2018 Edition)

What Have I Been Working On? (2018 Edition)

Since I left my government job over 6 months ago, a lot of people have been asking me, "What have you been up to?" It's a fair question. My life as a contractor/student has been busy and quiet and then busy again (kind of like a "hurry up and wait" situation on repeat inside a front-loading washing machine). I've decided to start looking for full-time employment in November of this year. I hope that until then I will have enough time to study all of the things that I want to (there's just never enough time).

Anyways, this is a post that I hope to update periodically. I think that I will make a post like this every year from now on. It's really handy to have. I just want to simply list out the things that I have been working on over the year and update them as time moves on (via Git). Next year I will be sure to create a post like this near the start of the year and keep adding to it throughout the year. However this year, I am a little tardy (it's October).

Like I said, this kind of post is really handy. It's pretty useful to write down what you've been doing for the past little bit/year. It's a nice way to look back on things and reflect.

OK.. Here goes..



  • Worked on; a Laravel app that allows users to see school data (class size, completion rate, etc) presented in graphs and reports by school district and/or city/school name, etc
  • Started working on a custom PHP CRUD application that helps update an online newsletter and allows users to update/upload documents/files
  • Started taking notes
  • Started studying (very part-time) NodeJS


  • Started working on the BCGov Digital Toolkit; a Jekyll based website that houses BC government policy and documentation for digital online usage/best practices
  • Continued work on


  • Finished work on BCGov Digital Toolkit
  • Finished work on
  • Started work on the BC Ministry of Education intranet Drupal theme (but never finished)
  • Continued working on and completed (close to the end of the month) the newsletter web app






  • Made; a small wedding venue site in Gatsby w/ a Wordpress backend
  • Finished Shopify project



  • Helped my father in-law code custom VBA that gathers stock data for the entire Toronto and New York exchanges (yes.. Excel can do that! 😮)
  • Made; a Node/ES6 app that allows users to review, favorite, and log DQ Blizzard experiences - an essential service to the universe


  • Re-vamped and re-coded QT Stock Watch; a fullstack React and Node application that displays a user's stock positions on a webpage.
  • Moved my Node application hosting from Zeit to Heroku
  • Completely re-coded/re-factored Strava Weekly Graphs. It's now a fullstack React and Express app that displays my Strava activity data in a stacked bar chart format by week, activity type, and year.
  • Added tests to LUMDB
  • Added some tests to Photogsite


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