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Import-vRAIcon -Id "cafe_icon_CreateCluster" -File C:\Icons\CreateCluster.png -Confirm:$false
Get-vRACatalogItem -Name "Create cluster" | Set-vRACatalogItem -IconId "cafe_icon_CreateCluster" -Confirm:$false
Id : e580d5aa-aabc-46be-a4ff-435d6d9257ef
Name : Create cluster
Description : Creates a new cluster in a host folder.
Service : Service01
Quota : 0
Version : 5
DateCreated : 2016-11-24T21:42:24.627Z
LastUpdatedDate : 2017-04-05T12:25:13.031Z
Requestable : True
IsNoteworthy : False
Organization : @{tenantRef=Tenant01; tenantLabel=Tenant01; subtenantRef=; subtenantLabel=}
CatalogItemType : XaaS Blueprint
OutputResourceType :
Callbacks :
Forms : @{itemDetails=; catalogRequestInfoHidden=True; requestFormScale=BIG; requestSubmission=; requestDetails=}
IconId : cafe_icon_CreateCluster
ProviderBinding : @{bindingId=Tenant01!::!f545596a-180a-46f6-abe4-ef91432db94b; providerRef=}
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