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Import-vRAIcon -Id "cafe_icon_Service02" -File C:\Icons\Service02Icon.png -Confirm:$false
Get-vRAService -Name Service02 | Set-vRAService -IconId "cafe_icon_Service02" -Confirm:$false
Id : 9e5f9c0b-fd65-4333-9330-d17928d53630
Name : Service02
Description :
Status : ACTIVE
StatusName : Active
Version : 4
Organization : @{tenantRef=Tenant01; tenantLabel=Tenant01; subtenantRef=; subtenantLabel=}
Hours :
Owner :
SupportTeam :
ChangeWindow :
NewDuration :
LastUpdatedDate : 2017-04-05T12:13:32.801Z
LastUpdatedBy : Tenant Admin01
IconId : cafe_icon_Service02
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