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# login into GCP
gcloud auth login
# set project id that your cluster belongs to
gcloud config set project <your-gcp-project-id>
# login to kubectl
gcloud auth application-default login
# download kubeconfig to local computer from a cluster by name
gcloud container clusters get-credentials <your-cluster-name> --zone <your-cluster-zone>
# get kubeconfig context
CONTEXT=$(kubectl config current-context)
# this service account uses the ClusterAdmin role -- this is not necessary, more restrictive roles can by applied.
kubectl apply --context $CONTEXT -f
# get service token
TOKEN=$(kubectl get secret --context $CONTEXT \
$(kubectl get serviceaccount spinnaker-service-account \
--context $CONTEXT \
-n spinnaker \
-o jsonpath='{.secrets[0].name}') \
-n spinnaker \
-o jsonpath='{.data.token}' | base64 --decode)
# set credentials
kubectl config set-credentials ${CONTEXT}-token-user --token $TOKEN
# set context
kubectl config set-context $CONTEXT --user ${CONTEXT}-token-user
# enable kubernetes
hal config provider kubernetes enable
# add in provider account
hal config provider kubernetes account add <your-application-cluster> --provider-version v2 --context ${CONTEXT}
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