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jb_protect for all device architectures
// jailbreak.h
// jailbreak-protect
// Created by Jonathan Cardasis (C) on 10/11/19.
// Copyright © 2019 Jonathan Cardasis (C). All rights reserved.
#ifndef jailbreak_h
#define jailbreak_h
Most anti-debug code relies on libraries which are easy enough to hook
the symbols and bypass these checks. This is an ARM assembly solution
which requires much more effort to bypass.
__attribute__((constructor)) static void prevent_ptrace() {
#ifdef __arm__ // 32 bit physical device
asm volatile (
"mov r0 #31\n"
"mov r1, #0\n"
"mov r2, #0\n"
"mov r12, #26\n"
"svc #80\n"
#elif __arm64__ // 64 bit physical device
asm volatile (
"mov x0, #26\n" // ptrace syscall (26 in XNU)
"mov x1, #31\n" // PT_DENY_ATTACH (0x1f) - first arg
"mov x2, #0\n"
"mov x3, #0\n"
"mov x16, #0\n"
"svc #128\n" // make syscall
#else // x86_64 (simulator)
asm volatile (
"pushq %rax\n"
"pushq %rdi\n"
"movq $0x1f, %rdi\n"
"movq $0x200001A, %rax\n"
"popq %rdi\n"
"popq %rax\n"
#endif /* jailbreak_h */
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