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Basics of web development

Basics of web development

  • JavaScript
  • JSON
    • Parsing JSON
    • Relationship to javascript objects/arrays
    • Interchange language of the web
    • Trade-offs vs XML
  • Html
    • Basic page structure
    • link tags for css
    • script tags for javascript
  • Css
    • Basic familiarity with less or sass
    • Selectors
  • Http
    • Http verbs
    • Main http status codes (200, 404, 500, etc.)
    • Port 80 vs other ports
    • Headers
      • Content types
    • Query string parameters
    • Http "body"
  • Linux
    • Running commands
    • Navigating directories
    • Creating, deleting, viewing, and moving files
  • Source control
    • Why to use source control
    • Basic understanding of git
    • Basic branching and merging
    • Committing code
    • Pushing commits
  • Text editor or IDE (integrated development environment)
    • Be setup with some text editor that is meant for coding
    • Should be setup with syntax highlighting at minimum
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