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[DRAFT] Drupal API

Documentation for the API between Drupal and Gatsby.

Content types


  type: STRING,
    // The unique Drupal node type
  id: STRING
    // The unique Drupal entity id.
  fields: {
    // An OBJECT with fields keyed by uid.
    [uid]: {
      // A unique machine readable identifier for the field.
      name: STRING
        // A human readable name for the field.
      value: ANYTHING
        // Usually this will be a string which is safe to show to users, such as
        // a title, but it could be anything.
      fetch: URL
        // An optional URL to fetch the value.


  type: "page",
  id: "bb67f158-d870-4022-83d6-875760f9ce38",
  fields: {
    title: {
      name: "Title",
      value: "Study Spaces"
    body: {
      name: "Body",
      value: "## Book a room\r\n\r\nAnd some text."
    slug: {
      name: "Slug",
      value: "/study-spaces"
    image: {
      name: "Image",
      value: {
        url: ""
    breadcrumbs: {
      name: "Breadcrumbs"
      value: [
        { text: "Home", to: "/" },
        { text: "Study Spaces", to: "/study-spaces" }
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