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Jon Nordby jonnor

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Documentation is futile, make machines do it

Workshop proposal for

Fablabs, maker- and hackerspaces across the world all stuggle with a common problem: documentation. Projects made are consistently underdocumented, often missing one or more critical piece of information needed to understand, use and reproduce the project.

Current approaches to this problem are usually centered around setting up content management systems which make it 'easy' for users to upload & publish documentation, along with policies/guidelines for what to document and how. None seem to tackle the seemingly fundamental problem: that manually creating and uploading required documentation artifacts is a tedious, error-prone and not immediately rewarding process.

We propose to make the machines and software used to create the project do most of the work for us. That they should automatically gather and publish most parts of the required documentation, and to actively e

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Visually programming libre graphics tools
Our current libre graphics tools are, like most software in the world,
predominantly "written" as imperative textual code; in languages like
C, C++, Python. At the same time, many users/artists perfer to
communicate visually. Tools like node/graph-based editors allow them
to "program" complex things: parametric 3d-models, animations, visual
effects and audio synths.