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Cool Stuff from ThoughtWorks' Tech Radar


  • #5: Products over Projects is an important terminology change that reflects what we're doing in the development team more and more.
  • We should be aware of avoiding #26 Microservice Envy and #30 Seperate DevOps Team for the future.



  • #57: Mountebank seems to fill the same space as Pact, but perhaps is a little easier to use. I'd be interested to hear what our Pact people think about it?
  • #58: Postman is a tool I'm pretty sure everyone in the team is using. I've put it on this list just in case someone isn't!

Languages & Frameworks

  • #97: HyperResource allows you to use an API in a very idiomatic way. We should be looking at this for HTTP clients in future work.
  • #102: Traveling Ruby could be a useful way of providing tools to the rest of the company in an easy-to-package way.
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