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Last active Jun 19, 2018
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// Build with: csc curl.cs -r:System.Net.Http.dll /langversion:7.1
using System;
using System.IO;
using System.Net.Http;
using System.Threading.Tasks;
using TTask = System.Threading.Tasks.Task;
class App {
public static async Task Main (string[] urls)
var tasks = new TTask [urls.Length];
using (var client = new HttpClient ()) {
client.Timeout = TimeSpan.FromHours (3);
for (int i = 0; i < urls.Length; ++i) {
tasks [i] = DownloadFile (client, urls [i], Path.Combine (Directory.GetCurrentDirectory(), Path.GetFileName (urls [i])));
TTask.WaitAll (tasks);
static async TTask DownloadFile (HttpClient client, string uri, string destinationFile)
if (File.Exists (destinationFile)) {
Console.WriteLine ($"Skipping uri '{uri}' as destination file already exists '{destinationFile}'.");
var dp = Path.GetDirectoryName (destinationFile);
var dn = Path.GetFileName (destinationFile);
var tempPath = Path.Combine (dp, "." + dn + ".download");
Console.WriteLine ($"Downloading `{uri}` to `{tempPath}`.");
try {
using (var s = await client.GetStreamAsync (uri))
using (var o = File.OpenWrite (tempPath)) {
await s.CopyToAsync (o);
Console.WriteLine ($"mv '{tempPath}' '{destinationFile}'.");
File.Move (tempPath, destinationFile);
catch (Exception e) {
Console.Error.WriteLine ("Unable to download URL `{0}` to `{1}`: {2}", uri, destinationFile, e.Message);
Console.Error.WriteLine (e);
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