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Johan Carlin jooh

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jooh / #mergedriver
Created Jul 14, 2021
Use git merge driver to always resolve conflicts in file VERSION in favor of merge target
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Use git merge driver to always resolve conflicts in file VERSION in favor of merge target
jooh / Untitled.ipynb
Created Sep 25, 2019
Notebook markdown table test
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jooh / test_rfx_ffx.m
Created Nov 17, 2017
Matlab simulation comparing permutation tests to parametric RFX and FFX inference
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% Explore correspondence between different types of permutation tests and
% parametric stats inference (FFX/RFX). We test two classes of permutation test:
% a within-subject permutation approach (Stelzer et al., 2013, NI), and the
% standard sign-flip permutation test (Nichols/Holmes, 2001, HBM).
% * RFX parametric and sign flip permutation p values are highly similar, as
% expected
% * FFX parametric and within-subject permutation p values are highly similar
% * using T as the test stat for within-subject permutation test seems to make
jooh / test_multirsa_again.m
Created Nov 17, 2017
Matlab simulation demonstrating how squared distance matrices can be linearly combined - probably requires my pilab and matlab-plotting repos at least. Generates a nice figure at the end.
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% demonstration of how squared distances can be combined linearly in
% multiple regression RSA, while ordinary distances cannot. In this case
% the distortions from doing multiple regression are relatively subtle but
% perhaps the difference could be made more dramatic by other means.
% Actually, the less subtle effect is on parameter estimates - the fits
% from model_multi2 below are [.5 .5], which is absolutely correct since
% the predictors were already scaled to match the data. By contrast the
% non-squared fit comes up with [.41 .65] - regardless of how minor the
% distortions are in the overall fitted RDM, the parameter estimates are
jooh / QT_parCorrVsRegression.m
Last active May 4, 2016
Matlab demo of relationship between partial correlation and multiple regression
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function QT_parCorrVsRegression
% QT_parCorrVsRegression.m
% When comparing a reference RDM to a candidate RDM, we might want to
% partial out the contribution of another RDM on the correlation between
% the candidate and the reference RDMs.
% this could be done via partial correlations or linear regression.
% this scripts demonstrates that the two approaches are identical.
% clear;clc;close all
%% control parameters
nCond = 72;
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# by: Johan Carlin
# date: 8/9/2014
# purpose: sync folders between computers. Assumes that both are available
# on the local network (ie you are using VPN if the host is behind a
# firewall)
# usage: unisync [ucl] [j.carlin]
# get optional input