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import Evtx.Evtx as evtx
import xml.etree.ElementTree as ET
namespace = '{}'
suspicious_ip = ''
with evtx.Evtx('ho-ho-no.evtx') as log:
for record in log.records():
username = ''
ip = ''
event = ET.fromstring(record.xml())
event_type = event.find('{}System'.format(namespace))
if event_type.find('{}EventID'.format(namespace)).text != '4624':
event_data = event.find('{}EventData'.format(namespace))
for child in event_data:
if child.get('Name') == 'TargetUserName':
username = child.text
if child.get('Name') == 'IpAddress':
ip = child.text
if ip != suspicious_ip:
print('Username {} was broken into by {}'.format(username, ip))

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@xillwillx xillwillx commented Jan 17, 2019

nice i just did it with grep/sed/uniq:
python ho-ho-no.evtx|grep -A20 4624|grep TargetUserName|sed -e 's/<[^>]*>//g'|grep "." |uniq -d

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