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Hacking away on Minibase

Jordan Brauer jordanbrauer

Hacking away on Minibase
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jordanbrauer /
Created Nov 13, 2017 — forked from stuartsaunders/
Versioning and Git Workflow

Semantic Versioning


Versions are denoted using a standard triplet of integers: MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH. The basic intent is that MAJOR versions are incompatible, large-scale upgrades of the API. MINOR versions retain source and binary compatibility with older minor versions, and changes in the PATCH level are perfectly compatible, forwards and backwards.

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{%- comment -%}
--------------------------- WARNING ---------------------------
This file is auto-generated by BOLD and should not be modified.
It may be overwritten and any customizations would be lost.
--------------------------- WARNING ---------------------------
{%- endcomment -%}
jordanbrauer / customers.sql
Created Jun 30, 2017 — forked from leek/
Magento - Delete All Test Data
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-- Customers
TRUNCATE `customer_address_entity`;
TRUNCATE `customer_address_entity_datetime`;
TRUNCATE `customer_address_entity_decimal`;
TRUNCATE `customer_address_entity_int`;
TRUNCATE `customer_address_entity_text`;
TRUNCATE `customer_address_entity_varchar`;
TRUNCATE `customer_entity`;
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namespace C3\Utility;
use Monolog\Logger;
* Class DuplicateDatabase
* @package C3\Utility
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// Buttons
// ".btn-{modifiername}", background-color, border, color
$buttons: (
("primary", #2F9ED8, #2886B7, #FFFFFF),
("secondary", #FFFFFF, #DDDDDD, #101010)
// Generate Button Modifiers
@each $b in $buttons {
.btn.btn-#{nth($b,1)} {