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jordansissel /
Created Feb 11, 2012
DynamoDB is silly expensive
jordansissel /
Created May 15, 2011
Understanding Ruby's &:foo shortcut

Example usage of the '&:foo' syntax

# You can do this:
p ["hello", "world"].collect(&:upcase)



What just happeend? What does '&:upcase' mean?

jordansissel /
Created Sep 24, 2020
Home Assistant on Raspberry Pi OS
jordansissel /
Created Jul 11, 2012
logstash + you + me.

logstash needs full time love.

There are roughly 70 code contributors to the logstash project as of today. Many more exist as helpful folks on IRC and the mailling list. Others post awesome bug reports and feature requests. The community is simply awesome.

I've been working on logstash for about 2 years. All as a hobby - all part-time. About 70% of the current content (commits, 'git blame' lines, etc) are by me.

Unfortunately, I've never used logstash in production. (Embarrassing, I know!)

I'm embarrassed to answer user questions like "How do I optimize elasticsearch's storage?" with "Sorry, I've never used elasticsearch outside of my laptop."

jordansissel / site.pp
Created Oct 15, 2010
Simplest example of a masterless puppet invocation using module paths
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include foo
jordansissel / tshark-logstash.conf
Created Feb 7, 2015
Parsing tshark -V output with logstash
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input { stdin { } }
output {
stdout {
#codec => rubydebug
codec => dots
elasticsearch {
protocol => http
jordansissel / 1-output.txt
Last active Dec 10, 2019
Convert curl|bash to an rpm with Docker and FPM
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% docker build -t rust .
# Export the image to tarball, which itself contains tarballs and a manifest.json
% docker save -o rust.tar rust
# Extract the last layer
# tar's -O flag extracts a single entry from the tarball.
# The file we want is the last "Layer" in the manifest.json
% tar -xf rust.tar -O $(tar -xf rust.tar -O manifest.json | jq -r '.[].Layers[-1]') > curlbash.tar
jordansissel / main.go
Created Nov 21, 2019
go-elasticsearch w/ setting custom trusted CA certs and custom headers
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package main
import (
jordansissel / output
Created Jul 19, 2011
libxdo and WM_CLASS
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% ./a.out $WINDOWID
Items: 22
WM_CLASS[0]: terminator
WM_CLASS[1]: Terminator
jordansissel / keyboardcapture.go
Created Sep 26, 2017 — forked from obonyojimmy/keyboardcapture.go
go lang keyboard capture
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package main
import (
//~ "time"