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int RELAY1 = D3;
int RELAY2 = D4;
int RELAY3 = D5;
int RELAY4 = D6;
void setup()
//Initilize the relay control pins as output
pinMode(RELAY1, OUTPUT);
pinMode(RELAY2, OUTPUT);
pinMode(RELAY3, OUTPUT);
pinMode(RELAY4, OUTPUT);
// Initialize all relays to an OFF state
digitalWrite(RELAY1, LOW);
digitalWrite(RELAY2, LOW);
digitalWrite(RELAY3, LOW);
digitalWrite(RELAY4, LOW);
//register the Particle function
Particle.function("goal", ringTheAlarm);
// This loops for ever
void loop()
int ringTheAlarm(String seconds)
{ int secondsAsInt = atoi(seconds);
if (secondsAsInt < 10 && secondsAsInt > 0) {
int secondsAsSeconds = secondsAsInt * 1000;
digitalWrite(RELAY1, HIGH);
digitalWrite(RELAY1, LOW);
return 1;
} else {
digitalWrite(RELAY1, HIGH);
digitalWrite(RELAY1, LOW);
return 1;
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