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José Iván López joseivanlopez

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Last active Feb 14, 2017
Daily tasks report

Done (2) StorageNG: Get failing openQA test fixed by adjusting AutoInstallRules to storage-ng

  • (done) Create storage-ng branch in yast-autoinstallation (Rakefile, Travis, etc.)
  • (done) Add yast-autoinstallation to the storage-ng OBS project.
  • (done) Configure Jenkins for the new branch.
  • (done) Comment the offending code.
    • Only commented AutoInstallRules in order to installer works.
  • (done) Make the unit test pass (probably commenting stuff)
    • Commented modules import to avoid yast2-installation dependency.
    • Skip that tests.

Hackweek project

For this Hackweek two main objectives were proposed: (a) learn, understand and become familiar with proposal code, and (b) improve some classes with a special code smell. Let's see each one.

(a) This was harder than I expected. Proposal implementation has numerous related classes and its correct undestanding took me a while. The first two and a half days was dedicated to this task. Algorithms for deleting partitions, distributing free space or selecting best proposal were studied. Right now I have a good understanding of the code and I feel confortable working on it.

(b) Previous this week, that is, during my first two weeks at YaST teem (yes, this Hackweek came in my third week at SUSE), my workmate Ancor and me talked about different parts of the proposal that could improve. Specially, classes as PlannedVolume and PlannedVolumeList seem to have more responsibilities than they should. In the rest of the Hackweek t




  • (done) Add tests to check proposal matches bootloader requirements.
  • (done) Covered by YAML tests.
  • Others:
  • File proposal_test is too long, so it is splitted.



  • Continue with my introduction to libstorage.


  • PBI (3) StorageNG: Activate and probe inactive LVM.
  • Install VM and prepare scenarios.
  • Reproduce updater differences using old and new libstorage.
  • Research how old libstorage activates VGs.
  • Analyze how to do the same in new libstorage-ng.


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