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More Packages With Outdated Version

The following packages can be found in SCC with a very old version.

Yast-team is not the bugowner/maintainer for these packages. Should we bump them?

Package Version Bugowner Maintainer
yast2-rmt 1.2.1 scc_bugs
yast2-samba-provision 1.0.1 jmcdough hhetter123, jmcdough, npower, dmulder, aaptel, scabrero, pauloac, group:factory-maintainers


Bcache technology allows to speed up the access (read and write) for slow devices. The idea consists on using a fast device (e.g., SSD) as caching device.

(slow hard disk)   (faster device, SSD)
    /dev/sda            /dev/sdb
      |                     |
[Backing device]    [Caching device]  <-- Actually, this is is set of caching devices (Caching Set)

MDs view

  • MD selected
    • Show
      • Overview (or Description ?)
      • Used Devices
      • Partitions
    • Add
      • RAID

Format Disks and add partitions to MD RAIDs

Option 1

Disks view (named as "Hard Disks")

  • Redefine "Edit" button:
    • It should open the dialog to format and set mount point if the selected device can be formatted.

RAIDs view

View foo
def sequence_hash
"ws_start" => "delete_filesystem",
"delete_filesystem" => { next: next_step },
"type" => { next: "size" },
"size" => { next: new_blk_device_step1, finish: :finish }
def next_step


  • Adapt new classes to be able to work in first stage.
  • Adapt all service modules to use the new widget.
  • Make AutoYaST to understand "on demand" start mode (import and export).
  • Refactorization in yast2 module:
    • merge library/runlevel and library/systemd in a new library/services
    • make SystemdServer and SystemdSocket to be real classes (instead of modules). This was already done by David, but we have to integrate all changes done after that.
  • Services Manager:
    • start/stop services on the fly?

Action depending on current status:

Status Start Stop Restart Reload
Socket running on demand ? start : stop stop socket? nothing? nothing?
Service running nothing? stop service restart service reload service ( if it support, otherwise restart???)
Socket & Service running nothing? stop service and socket? stop service? reload service?
nothing runs start socket or service or depends on start mode? nothing? nothing or start? nothing or start?


Expert partitioner VS Partitioner

System View

Hard Disks