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View mix app.tree
$ mix app.tree
├── elixir
├── phoenix
│ ├── elixir
│ ├── plug
│ │ ├── elixir
│ │ ├── crypto
│ │ └── logger
│ │ └── elixir
View phoenix showdown rackspace onmetal

Comparative Benchmark Numbers @ Rackspace

I've taken the benchmarks from Matthew Rothenberg's phoenix-showdown, updated Phoenix to 0.13.1 and ran the tests on the most powerful machines available at Rackspace.


Framework Throughput (req/s) Latency (ms) Consistency (σ ms)
View example.ex
defmodule SomeModule do
def start(host, options) do
# We are assuming SomeSup has been already started somewhere
# (ideally in a supervision tree).
{:ok, child_pid} = SomeSup.attach_to(SomeSup, host, options)
defmodule SomeSup do
use Supervisor
View foo.erl
%% When compiled with: erlc +bin_opt_info foo.erl
%% It prints:
%% foo.erl:13: Warning: NOT OPTIMIZED: compiler limitation: instruction {get_map_elements,
%% {f,3},
%% {x,1},
%% {list,[{atom,state},{x,6}]}} prevents delayed sub binary optimization
View elixir_parser.yrl
grammar expr_list
expr container_expr block_expr access_expr
no_parens_expr no_parens_one_expr no_parens_one_ambig_expr
bracket_expr bracket_at_expr bracket_arg matched_expr unmatched_expr max_expr
op_expr matched_op_expr no_parens_op_expr no_parens_many_expr
comp_op_eol at_op_eol unary_op_eol and_op_eol or_op_eol capture_op_eol
add_op_eol mult_op_eol hat_op_eol two_op_eol pipe_op_eol stab_op_eol
arrow_op_eol match_op_eol when_op_eol in_op_eol in_match_op_eol
type_op_eol rel_op_eol
View erl_lint.erl
%% -*- erlang-indent-level: 4 -*-
%% %CopyrightBegin%
%% Copyright Ericsson AB 1996-2014. All Rights Reserved.
%% The contents of this file are subject to the Erlang Public License,
%% Version 1.1, (the "License"); you may not use this file except in
%% compliance with the License. You should have received a copy of the
%% Erlang Public License along with this software. If not, it can be
View rocket_date_time.ex
defmodule Rocket.DateTime do
def type, do: :datetime
# Provide our own casting rules.
def cast(string) when is_binary(string) do
# Try to parse different formats here
# Datetime itself should also be valid
def cast(%Ecto.DateTime{} = datetime) do
View split_stream.exs
"foo bar baz"
|> Stream.unfold(fn
"" -> nil;
acc ->
case String.split(acc, " ", parts: 2) do
[left, right] -> {left, right}
[left] -> {left, ""}
|> Enum.take(2)
View exq_web_router.ex
defmodule Exq.RouterPlug do
import Plug.Conn
use Plug.Router
plug :match
plug :dispatch
get "/queues" do
IO.puts "YOLO"
conn |> halt()
View epmd
- Distributed systems are cool
- Distributed systems are also complex
- First step: How to find other machines (and nodes) in the same network
- Erlang Port Mapper Daemon
+ EPMD in C
- Ships with Erlang
- is a TCP server
- usually 4369
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