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Last active Jul 6, 2019
Make the terminal more usable, common commands

Make your terminal more usable

You're going to spend all day looking at your terminal. Make it be kind to you.

Part 1

Here's a video walk-through of part 1 of this guide:

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Enumerators for beginners

I'm going to start at Turing School in a few days, and have been eagerly studying in preparation.

There are many, many things I don't yet understand, but I'm trying to slow down and make sure I understand the basics before throwing myself into more complicated things.

One of the things that has been causing me lots of confusion are Enumerators. Mostly because I can use enumerables on both hashes and arrays, and can use it to pick data out of an array or hash, or to insert data into an array or a hash, and at the moment it feels like I'm blindly mashing keys on my keyboard. :(

Specifically, I'm trying to wrap my head around .sort, .each, .inject, and other similar methods, all as it pertains to arrays and hashes.