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21:28:01.981 [error] ** Websocket handler Catbug.Bot terminating
** for the reason {:handler,
{:badkey, :text,
%{channel: "C0ZBTJZQQ", event_ts: "1461990481.035809", hidden: true,
message: %{attachments: [%{fallback: "544x352px image",
from_url: "",
id: 1, image_bytes: 684915, image_height: 352,
image_url: "",
image_width: 544, is_animated: true}],
text: "You're my friends now. We're having soft tacos later! <>",
ts: "1461990481.000003", type: "message", user: "U14P0HGCU"},
previous_message: %{text: "You're my friends now. We're having soft tacos later! <>",
ts: "1461990481.000003", type: "message", user: "U14P0HGCU"},
subtype: "message_changed", ts: "1461990481.000004", type: "message"}}}
** Handler state was %{slack: %{bots: %{"B0ZC6CM7U" => %{deleted: false, id: "B0ZC6CM7U",
name: "gdrive"},
"B14PAKC4F" => %{deleted: false,
icons: %{image_36: "",
image_48: "",
image_72: ""},
id: "B14PAKC4F", name: "bot"}},
channels: %{"C0ZBTJZQQ" => %{created: 1460226779, creator: "U0ZBUQTHV",
has_pins: false, id: "C0ZBTJZQQ", is_archived: false, is_channel: true,
is_general: true, is_member: true, last_read: "1461899041.000029",
latest: %{text: "Sense of humor set to 10", ts: "1461901411.000040",
type: "message", user: "U14P0HGCU"},
members: ["U0ZBUQTHV", "U14P0HGCU"], name: "general",
purpose: %{creator: "", last_set: 0,
value: "This channel is for team-wide communication and announcements. All team members are in this channel."},
topic: %{creator: "", last_set: 0,
value: "Company-wide announcements and work-based matters"},
unread_count: 11, unread_count_display: 6},
"C0ZBTJZSL" => %{created: 1460226780, creator: "U0ZBUQTHV",
has_pins: false, id: "C0ZBTJZSL", is_archived: false, is_channel: true,
is_general: false, is_member: true, last_read: "1461901898.000002",
latest: %{subtype: "channel_join",
text: "<@U0ZBUQTHV|josh> has joined the channel",
ts: "1461902125.000009", type: "message", user: "U0ZBUQTHV"},
members: ["U0ZBUQTHV", "U14P0HGCU"], name: "random",
purpose: %{creator: "", last_set: 0,
value: "A place for non-work-related flimflam, faffing, hodge-podge or jibber-jabber you'd prefer to keep out of more focused work-related channels."},
topic: %{creator: "", last_set: 0,
value: "Non-work banter and water cooler conversation"},
unread_count: 7, unread_count_display: 0}}, client: :websocket_client,
groups: %{},
me: %{created: 1461893850, id: "U14P0HGCU", manual_presence: "active",
name: "catbug",
prefs: %{speak_growls: false, emoji_autocomplete_big: false,
separate_private_channels: false, pagekeys_handled: true,
confirm_sh_call_start: true, tz: nil, no_macssb1_banner: false,
mac_ssb_bounce: "", emoji_use: "", display_real_names_override: 0,
hide_user_group_info_pane: false, search_only_my_channels: false,
seen_spaces_new_xp_tooltip: false, autoplay_chat_sounds: true,
msg_preview: false, posts_formatting_guide: true,
has_created_channel: false, spaces_new_xp_banner_dismissed: false,
snippet_editor_wrap_long_lines: false, k_key_omnibox: true,
seen_onboarding_start: false, seen_welcome_2: false,
email_alerts_sleep_until: 0, seen_onboarding_recent_mentions: false,
no_flex_in_history: true, seen_live_support_popup: false,
comma_key_prefs: false, push_loud_channels: "",
two_factor_auth_enabled: false, graphic_emoticons: false,
welcome_message_hidden: false, expand_snippets: false,
mute_sounds: false, seen_onboarding_search: false,
newxp_seen_last_message: 0, mentions_exclude_at_channels: true,
has_uploaded: false, jumbomoji: true, never_channels: "",
display_preferred_names: true, ...}},
socket: {:websocket_req, :wss, '', 443,
:infinity, :undefined,
{:sslsocket, {:gen_tcp, #Port<0.6966>, :tls_connection, :undefined},
#PID<0.172.0>}, :ssl, Catbug.Bot, "fpxBvpDfgWC7gL7/7MprqQ==", :undefined,
:undefined, :undefined, :undefined, :undefined},
team: %{domain: "chernoff", email_domain: "",
icon: %{image_102: "",
image_132: "",
image_34: "",
image_44: "",
image_68: "",
image_88: "",
image_default: true}, id: "T0ZBUQTGX", msg_edit_window_mins: -1,
name: "chernoffs", over_integrations_limit: true,
over_storage_limit: false, plan: "",
prefs: %{who_can_post_general: "ra", dm_retention_type: 0,
who_has_team_visibility: "ra",
who_can_manage_integrations: %{type: ["regular"]},
compliance_export_start: 0, dm_retention_duration: 0,
allow_calls: false, who_can_create_shared_channels: "admin",
who_can_change_team_profile: "admin", msg_edit_window_mins: -1,
retention_duration: 0, retention_type: 0,
who_can_archive_channels: "regular", group_retention_duration: 0,
auth_mode: "normal", file_retention_duration: 0,
who_can_create_channels: "regular", group_retention_type: 0,
allow_retention_override: true, dnd_enabled: true, hide_referers: true,
file_retention_type: 0, dnd_start_hour: "22:00",
who_can_at_everyone: "regular", who_can_kick_channels: "admin",
invites_only_admins: false,
default_rxns: ["simple_smile", "thumbsup", "white_check_mark", "heart",
"eyes"], warn_before_at_channel: "always",
default_channels: ["C0ZBTJZQQ", "C0ZBTJZSL"],
allow_shared_channels: false, who_can_create_groups: "ra",
who_can_edit_user_groups: "admin", dnd_end_hour: "08:00", ...}},
users: %{"U0ZBUQTHV" => %{color: "9f69e7", deleted: false, id: "U0ZBUQTHV",
is_admin: true, is_bot: false, is_owner: true, is_primary_owner: true,
is_restricted: false, is_ultra_restricted: false, name: "josh",
presence: "active",
profile: %{avatar_hash: "g486162db0cc", email: "",
fields: nil, first_name: "josh",
image_192: "",
image_24: "",
image_32: "",
image_48: "",
image_512: " (truncated)
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