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Last active August 12, 2023 07:44
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Web Share API - A quick and dirty Web Share API implementation that should work across all websites.
<button id="device_shr_btn" style="btn">Share</button>
document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', function () {
const title = document.title;
const description = document.querySelector('meta[name="description"]').getAttribute('content');
const url = document.location.href;
const shareData = {
title: title,
text: description,
url: url
const btn = document.getElementById('device_shr_btn');
btn.addEventListener('click', () => {
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joshspires commented Aug 12, 2023

Logic of the code:

  • Title is pulled using document.title, which means whatever is placed between the <title></title> will be used.
  • The description is pulled from the <meta> element the attribute name="description".
  • The URL is pulled from document.location.href.

Not working?

If it seems like the code isn't working with the device you are testing on, it is important to keep in mind that devices handle the Web Share API differently.


  • Displays the website home URL and the URL of the page being shared.
  • Both the title and text field seem to be ignored.
  • No image is displayed.

Android (tested with Google Pixel)

  • Displays the text (description) and URL of the page being shared.
  • If the text field isn't present, the title is used as a fallback.


  • untested


  • untested

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