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@jozef /emo
Created Jan 19, 2010

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use Regexp::Grammars;
use re 'eval';
my $parser = qr@
<rule: Wiki> <[Block]>*
<rule: Block> <.EmptyLine> | <Code> | <Para>
<token: Para> <Heading> | <List> | <TextLines>
<token: EmptyLine> ^ \h* \R
<token: TextLines> (?:^ (?! <Code> | <Heading> | <List> | <EmptyLine> ) [^\h] .+? \v)+
<token: CodeStart> ^ {{{ \h* \v
<token: CodeEnd> ^ }}} \h* \v
<token: Code> <.CodeStart> <CodeLines> <.CodeEnd>
<token: CodeLines> .+?
<token: Heading> <HeadingStart> \s <HeadingText> \s =+ \h* \v
<token: HeadingStart> ^=+
<token: HeadingText> [^=\v]+
<token: List> <[ListItem]>+
<token: ListItem> ^ <ListItemSpaces> <ListItemType> \h+ <ListItemText> \v
<token: ListItemSpaces> \h+
<token: ListItemType> (\*|\d+\.|a\.|i\.)
<token: ListItemText> .+?
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