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Decodes a password from HeidiSQL. HeidiSQL passwords can be found in the registry. Use File -> Export Settings to dump all settings. Great for if you forget a password.
function heidiDecode(hex) {
var str = '';
var shift = parseInt(hex.substr(-1));
hex = hex.substr(0, hex.length - 1);
for (var i = 0; i < hex.length; i += 2)
str += String.fromCharCode(parseInt(hex.substr(i, 2), 16) - shift);
return str;
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hao365 commented Oct 10, 2015

Thank you!

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IljaN commented Nov 16, 2015

Thanks 👍

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dborsatto commented Jan 14, 2016

Thanks, I fired up a console in Firefox and retrieved my password!

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sjungwirth commented Mar 23, 2016


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diegoarigony commented Mar 29, 2016

Awesome, thanks!

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deenfirdoush commented Mar 31, 2016

coool. saved my day

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trevorbicewebdesign commented Apr 11, 2016

I wrote a PHP version if you want to do this server side!

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yoch commented Sep 22, 2016

Thanks ! Here a python version :

def decode(hx):
    shift = int(hx[-1])
    l = [int(hx[i:i+2], 16) for i in range(0, len(hx), 2)]
    return ''.join(chr(v - shift) for v in l)

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wendyliga commented Mar 21, 2017

i try to make it more easy
just try this link

thanks for Trevor Bice for php code

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pmarcus93 commented Apr 6, 2017

It's never late to say thank you, right? :)
You guys saved my day too.

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Elektrik1 commented May 20, 2017
Simple winforms aternative, fetches passwords right from registry, so no need to open/export at all. Quick and easy :)

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taodailOryx commented Feb 8, 2018

Good god, I'm an idiot. Thanks so much for this.

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nstr10 commented Mar 6, 2018

Thanks, @jpatters! Here, have a PowerShell version with bonus registry lookup:

function Get-HeidiCreds {
	$profile = "user@server"
	$password = (Get-Item -Path registry::HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\HeidiSQL\Servers\).OpenSubKey($profile.toString()).GetValue("Password").toString()
	$username = (Get-Item -Path registry::HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\HeidiSQL\Servers\).OpenSubKey($profile.toString()).GetValue("User").toString()
	$shift = [Convert]::ToInt64($password.substring($password.toString().length-1,1))
	$password = $password.substring(0,$password.toString().length-1)
	$str = ""
	for ($i=0; $i -lt $password.length; $i += 2) {
		$val = [Convert]::ToInt64($password.substring($i,2), 16)
		$val = '{0:x1}' -f ($val - $shift)
		$val = $val | ForEach-Object {[Convert]::ToInt32($_,16)} | ForEach-Object {[Convert]::ToChar($_)}
		$str += $val
	$password = $str
	return $username, $password

Note: You can use the same method to get credentials for SSH tunnel if configured, just choose those registry keys instead.

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vuhanguyen commented May 16, 2018

Thank you so much, it saved my day

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joeyhub commented Aug 23, 2018

PHP Decode:

php -r '$p=$argv[1];$s=substr($p,-1); echo implode(array_map(function($c)use($s){return chr($c - $s);},unpack("C*",hex2bin(substr($p,0,-1)))));' 303132333435363738390

Note that PHP's chr wraps negative numbers properly. Not all languages will do this. You may need ($c+256-$s)%256. To test for that you should see if whatever you're using for chr produces the same for 0 - s as 256 - s.

If you're encoding your own password (generating conf)...

php -r 'echo bin2hex("Sweet as a corn that'\''s not yet born."), 0;'

There's no point to bother shifting it. Shifting and hex encoding is so weak it might as well be plain text.

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joeyhub commented Aug 23, 2018

@wendyliga Do you have everyone's password now :D?

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Gicheha commented Oct 10, 2018

you are a lifesaver

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DRSDavidSoft commented Dec 25, 2018

Thank you!

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yani commented Jan 2, 2019


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cpereiraweb commented Jan 31, 2019


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meysam-mo commented Feb 24, 2019

Wow !! tnx

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rudikom commented Nov 5, 2019

thank you,,

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Godtooro commented Mar 31, 2020

Awesome! Thank u! We owe you one.
All the best.

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IsraelIglesiasBIT commented Apr 3, 2020

And how encode a password?

I need to generate a settings file for Heidi with php for my all databases connections?

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jordihernandez commented Jun 30, 2020

Thank you!

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Pes8 commented Aug 2, 2021

Thank You all :)

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erickcomp commented Apr 25, 2022

Thank you!

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