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E2E test Example From GuessThePrice
configuration: # This is the configuration section, you can define your locale or the mocks here
locale: en-US
type: simulation
skillId: amzn1.ask.skill.612ef5f8-697a-43ab-ac3c-2523a0617b7b
stage: live
- test: Invoke skill, play once with two players and cancel.
- open guess the price: how many persons are playing today
- two: contestant one please tell us, what is your name
- jordi: Contestant 2 please tell us, what is your name
- caterina: "let's start the game: Jordi your product is * Guess the price" # Quotes because there is a colon in the right part
- one hundred and forty nine: you said 149 , the actual price was * dollars. Your score for that answer is * points. Now is Caterina turn
- forty three: Now is Jordi turn. Your next product is
- cancel: Goodbye!
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