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Find the most recent changes to E-Business Suite profile options
-- last_profile_changes.sql
-- Author: John Piwowar
-- Purpose: Lists EBS profile options, in descending order of date set
-- Notes: Prompts for number of items to display
-- May need additional tweaking for multi-language installations
-- You'll probably want to change linesize and column widths to
-- something a more sane.
set pagesize 9999
set linesize 80
set verify off
col "Profile Option" for a15
col "Option Level" for a13
col "Value" for a15
col "Set On" for a9
col "Scoldee" for a15
select * from
select tl.user_profile_option_name "Profile Option",
10001, 'Site',
10002, 'Application',
10003, 'Responsibility',
10004, 'User',
10005, 'Server',
10006, 'Organization',
10007, 'Server+Resp',
'No idea, boss') "Option Level",
val.profile_option_value "Value",
val.last_update_date "Set on",
usr.user_name "Scoldee"
from fnd_profile_options opt,
fnd_profile_option_values val,
fnd_profile_options_tl tl,
fnd_user usr
where opt.profile_option_id = val.profile_option_id
and opt.profile_option_name = tl.profile_option_name
and usr.user_id = val.last_updated_by
order by val.last_update_date desc
where rownum <= &number_of_items
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