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Remove chrome "other search engines"
// 1. open chrome://settings/searchEngines
// 2. press Ctrl-Shift-J to open console
// 3. paste the following code
// note: you may have to run it multiple times to get rid of all of them
// If you have search engines you want to use add the text "(KEEP)" to their name
// and by name i mean the "Search engine" field when you add/edit one of the search engines
.then(function (val) {
let filterer = arr => {
return arr.others.filter(engine => {
return ( === "[object String]")
&& !engine.displayName.includes('(KEEP)');
filterer(val).forEach(function (engine) {
if (( === "[object String]")
&& !engine.displayName.includes('(KEEP)')) {
console.log('removed:', engine.displayName);
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