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Exodus Senior JavaScript Engineer (REMOTE)

Exodus Senior JavaScript Engineer (REMOTE)


The Financial Crisis of 2008 changed everything. Wealth around the world was decimated. The US government stole money from Main St. to give to Wall St. Governments have not stopped their reckless spending at the expense of its citizens. Central banks keep printing money, eroding purchasing power. The war on cash has just begun.

We believe these actions are causing consumers, businesses, and investment firms to seek a new asset class to invest and protect their wealth. The emergence of blockchain technology has created a movement to shift power back to the people to manage their own assets, with no banks, no brokers, or institutional oversight. We created Exodus for these visionaries, those who want to depart the legacy financial system to protect and create wealth for future generations.

Click the image below to watch our ~1min long demo video:



Does this resonate with you? If not, it's not worth your time reading any further.

  • Do you see what we see?
  • Do you believe that Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other blockchain assets have the capability to facilitate this great wealth transfer?
  • Do you store some of your wealth in blockchain assets?
  • Do you want to be paid in blockchain assets?
  • Do you love working with JavaScript?
  • Do you think Electron is the bee's knees?
  • Does taking ownership on another's code excite you?
  • Do you live in your text editor and Github issues?
  • Does a shipping cadence of every week sound exciting?

If all of the aforementioned apply to you, you might be a unicorn. We would also love to talk to you :) If you're not a unicorn, that's alright as well, but if most of the aforementioned describes you, please still reach out!


Your role as the senior JavaScript engineer will be to understand the vision of Exodus and take ownership and write code in accordance with the vision. We pride ourselves on optimizing for happiness and giving you the flexibility to choose to work on what excites you most.

Exodus is a desktop app built using Electron with a backend component written in Node.js. If you've never worked with Electron before, you can think of it like the marriage of Chrome + Node.js. You get all of the power of Node.js and all of the power of Chrome in one package. We think Electron is game changing for those who want to build cross-platform apps.

Working on Exodus is not all roses and lollipops though. Some weeks are grueling and require nothing but bug fixes. This can require firing up Exodus 100's of times in a day to track down a bug. We also believe that in this ecosystem, the only way to truly build a successful product is to build trust with customers. This will require you to have some availability for customer service via Slack. This shouldn't scare you though, as it's an opportunity to learn what's wrong with the product. Also, this is NOT a daily requirement as we believe to do thoughtful and creative work, you can't have interruptions and distractions - so we'll encourage you to disconnect.

We have consistently shipped 30+ versions at least every two weeks and sometimes every week. We've found that this shipping cadence also us to deliver value frequently and iterate quickly based upon feedback. So this shipping cadence is something that you'll need to embrace. But the good news is that you will have an immediate impact as your code will make it into the hands of customers right away.

Required Skills

  • JavaScript (preferably Node.js)
  • understanding of asynchronous techniques (callbacks, promises, generators, async/await)
  • basic understanding of cryptographic primitives like hashing, macs, PK-crypto
  • deep understanding of JavaScript/Node.js data types and limitations
  • basic understanding of P2P technologies

Niceties (not-required)

  • Electron
  • React.js
  • Bitcoin Scripts
  • Ethereum Smart Contracts


Exodus was started by Daniel Castagnoli and JP Richardson. Daniel has co-founded a number of other companies and is a master of emotional design - having previously designed experiences for Apple, BMW, Disney, Louis Vuitton, and Nike. JP has also co-founded a number of other companies and has published 150+ open source libraries - some of these are in use by most Bitcoin and cryptocurrency software on the web.

We believe so strongly in this new asset class of blockchain assets that both of us have approximately 90% of our wealth in blockchain assets. This creates further incentive for us to carry out our mission.


This is a REMOTE POSITION. Feel free to work anywhere in the world.

What's important to you? Let us know!

While we don't offer unlimited paid vacation as that usually means zero vacation, we are willing to offer a lot more. We just need to know what's important to you.

Do you want...

  • a paid trip for you and your family to a Caribbean island?
  • paid trip to Vegas with you and your friends?
  • top-end laptop?
  • lunches paid every-day?
  • more Exodus stock?
  • a luxury car?

While we won't give you everything on this list, you need to tell us what's most important to you and we'll make it happen.

It's also very important to point out that we view our own families as the source of motivation and inspiration to our successes. So we'll place a strong emphasis on you taking personal time to spend with those who are most important to you in your life.


If this interests you, please do any of the following:


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@sdougbrown sdougbrown commented Nov 4, 2016

Do you guys have a mobile strategy as well to compliment the desktop/electron experience?


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Owner Author

@jprichardson jprichardson commented Nov 6, 2016

Do you guys have a mobile strategy as well to compliment the desktop/electron experience?

Yes, definitely. However, it will be awhile before we tackle the mobile.


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@cclites cclites commented Nov 15, 2016

Still looking? Not a Unicorn, but am a digital currency enthusiast. is my web based bitcoin trading bot that has been running online for over 2 years now.


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@Gastonius Gastonius commented Nov 28, 2016

Can I change it to a paid trip to Europe? Always wanted an excuse to travel there and I guess a "free trip" sounds like a good excuse.


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@janko33bd janko33bd commented Dec 23, 2016

Still hiring? you know what I wanted to add..

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