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if (null !== $object = QubitObject::getById(QubitTerm::MAINTENANCE_NOTE_ID))
print("There is already a {$object->className} with the maintenance note id.\n");
$term = new QubitTerm;
$term->id = QubitTerm::MAINTENANCE_NOTE_ID;
$term->parentId = QubitTerm::ROOT_ID;
$term->taxonomyId = QubitTaxonomy::NOTE_TYPE_ID;
$term->sourceCulture = 'en';
$term->setName('Nota de manteniment', array('culture' => 'ca'));
$term->setName('Nota de manteniment', array('culture' => 'ca@valencia'));
$term->setName('Nodyn cynnal a chadw', array('culture' => 'cy'));
$term->setName('Anmerkung zur Pflege', array('culture' => 'de'));
$term->setName('Anmerkung zur Instandhaltung(?)', array('culture' => 'de-CH'));
$term->setName('Σημειώσης συντήρησης', array('culture' => 'el'));
$term->setName('Maintenance note', array('culture' => 'en'));
$term->setName('Nota de mantenimiento', array('culture' => 'es'));
$term->setName('Mantenimendu oharra', array('culture' => 'eu'));
$term->setName('Note relatives à la mise à jour de la notice', array('culture' => 'fr'));
$term->setName('Nota de mantención', array('culture' => 'gl'));
$term->setName('Karbantartásra vonatkozó megjegyzés', array('culture' => 'hu'));
$term->setName('Catatan pemeliharaan', array('culture' => 'id'));
$term->setName('Nota sulla manutenzione', array('culture' => 'it'));
$term->setName('メンテナンス注記', array('culture' => 'ja'));
$term->setName('მომსახურე, დამხმარე შენიშვნა', array('culture' => 'ka'));
$term->setName('유지 주기', array('culture' => 'ko'));
$term->setName('Onderhoudsaantekening', array('culture' => 'nl'));
$term->setName('Nota de manutenção', array('culture' => 'pt'));
$term->setName('Nota de manutenção', array('culture' => 'pt-BR'));
$term->setName('Nota de manutenção', array('culture' => 'pt_BR'));
$term->setName('Opomba o vzdrževanju', array('culture' => 'sl'));
$term->setName('Напомена о одржавању', array('culture' => 'sr'));
$term->setName('Förvaltningsanmärkning', array('culture' => 'sv'));
$term->setName('หมายเหตุการบำรุงรักษา(Maintenance notes)', array('culture' => 'th'));
$term->setName('Texnik ishlar izohi', array('culture' => 'uz'));
$term->setName('Ghi chú bảo trì', array('culture' => 'vi'));
$term->setName('维护说明', array('culture' => 'zh'));
print("Maintenance note term created.\n");
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