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Simple starter for Clojurescript AWS lambda app.
;;This is untested off the top of my head -- but should give you the gist..
;; use as a starter -- follow their lein build steps and then replace their core with something like this.
(ns alexalisten.core
(:require [cljs-lambda.util :as lambda]
[cljs-lambda.context :as ctx]
[cljs-lambda.macros :refer-macros [deflambda]]))
(deflambda alexa-listen [inputjson]
(let [jsonstring (js->clj inputjson)
sessionid (-> jsonstring :session :sessionId)
applicationid (-> jsonstring :session :application :applicationId)
userid (-> jsonstring :session :user :userId)
reqtype (-> jsonstring :request :type)
sessionstate (-> jsonstring :session :attributes)
targetfunc (-> jsonstring :request :intent :name)
slotval (-> jsonstring :request :intent :slots :<slotname> :value)
version (:version jsonstring)
timestamp (-> jsonstring :request :timestamp)
;;now you can dispatch based on reqtype, sessionstate and slotval
response (cond
(= reqtype "LaunchRequest") (dayfunc)
(= targetfunc "GetDay") (dayfunc)
(= targetfunc "GetHelp") (helpfunc))]))
;;Your functions should return something like this:
{:version 1.0 :sessionAttributes (:state "Whateveryouwanaremember") :response {:outputSpeech {:type "PlainText" :text (str response) ) }:shouldEndSession false}})
;;where response is what you want Alexa to say.
;;you are emulating the json response here :
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