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Created Apr 11, 2016
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I have a react js code.

  • I am trying to import other modules into my jsx.

  • for all other modules its working fine.

  • but for this module sports-display-container alone its expecting path which is not the correct way.

  • can you guys tell me how to debug the import statements to make the sports-players to make it work by not mentioning the path name

  • providing the import staments code alone below **- sports-display-container --- is a separate module

  • working: import Display from '../../../sports-display-container';**

  • not-working: import Display from 'sports-display-container';

  • is there a way to debug import staments separately

  • even package.json is fine for sports-display-container


    import React from 'react';
    import BasketballPage from './template';
    import BasketballPageCaptain from './template-captain';
    import './display.css';
    import Display from 'sports-display-container';
    import {cricketDisplay, volleyBallDisplay, soccerDisplay} from '../utils/display-utils';
    - cannot find module sports-display-container

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@IanZhao IanZhao commented Apr 12, 2016

what is the structure of your project diretory?

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