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ABAP CDS Views. As of ABAP 7.40 sp5 we can create and use CDS view in ABAP. From ADT you can create a CDS view via menu New -> Other Repository Object -> Dictionary -> CDS View. See these blogs for some futher info: (sp5)…
@AbapCatalog.sqlViewName: 'ZPURITEMS'
define view PurchaseOrderItem
as select from ekko inner join ekpo on ekko.ebeln = ekpo.ebeln {
key ekko.ebeln as id,
key ebelp as item_no,
lifnr as vendor,
ernam as created_by,
ekko.aedat as created_on,
txz01 as text,
@Semantics.currencyCode waers as currency_code,
@Semantics.amount.currencyCode: 'currency_code' netpr as price
where ekko.bstyp = 'F'
report y_test_cds_view.
data po_items type standard table of zpuritems with empty key.
select * from zpuritems into table po_items order by id descending item_no ascending.
cl_demo_output=>display_data( value = po_items ).
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