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An HTML/Javascript implementation of the Matrix falling code in as few bytes as possible.
Original web post:
Updated web post:
Reddit post where code is whittled down:
<body style=margin:0 onload="for(s=window.screen,w=q.width=s.width,h=q.height=s.height,m=Math.random,p=[],i=0;i<256;p[i++]=1);setInterval('9Style=\'rgba(0,0,0,.05)\'9Rect(0,0,w,h)9Style=\'#0F0\';,i){9Text(String.fromCharCode(3e4+m()*33),i*10,v);p[i]=v>758+m()*1e4?0:v+10})'.split(9).join(';q.getContext(\'2d\').fill'),33)"><canvas id=q>
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