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@jsarenik jsarenik/GNU_Social
Created Jun 14, 2016

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[SDF] let SDF help GNU!
Date: Sun, 14 Feb 2016 09:53:21 GMT
Subject: [SDF] let SDF help GNU!
Want to take back the internet?
No, wait a second. I'm serious. Do you remember a thing called USENET? Do
you remember how cool it was when you posted something and someone at or responded? GNU Social is reviving this idea. Much
of the internet for the general public these days is not only just focused
on http/https but a key number of central sites. When SDF was (uh, it still
is!) a USENET node it was part of thousands of disparate systems all peering
each other to keep a conversation together. GNU Social is the new USENET and
gets you away from the walled garden/centralized server. It gets you back to
what the internet was and has always been: disparate systems using an agreed
If you don't dabble in facebook or twitter .. delete this.
But if you do, please give GNU Social a look and a try. The latest version
significiantly rivals twitter and with your help and use, it will get better.
The SDF instance is and you are encouraged to make an
account there and be involved. There are also a handful of other reliable
sites as well. Pick what you feel is best and join in.
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