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Better to use Prototypal OO and not ES6 class (Angular example)
'use strict';
import _ from 'lodash';
// generate some list items
let items = _.times(10).map((n) => {
return {
title: `This is log item ${n + 1}`,
description: `This is item description ${n + 1}`
// ES6 classes are bad news due to inheritance hierarchies!!!
class Service {
constructor(LayoutService) {
this.LayoutService = LayoutService;
// sub-classes lead to arthritic code and brittleness due to rippling side-effects
class Controller extends Service {
constructor() {
// super is a code smell
this.items = items;
Better to use a factory function, here we use a delegate prototype
where LayoutService is also be a factory function
for details see @_ericelliot
let controller = (LayoutService) => {
return Object.assign(LayoutService, {
items: items
// angular DI - just to show how it would work, export Controller will work her as well
export default ['LayoutService', controller];
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