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Snake to Camel Case Utility
<cfparam name="form.snake_case" default="">
<cfparam name="form.camel_case" default="">
<cfparam name="form.upper_camel_case" default="">
if (len(form.snake_case)) {
form.camel_case = REReplace(form.snake_case, "_([a-zA-Z])", "\u\1", "all");
form.upper_camel_case = REReplace(form.camel_case, "\b([a-zA-Z]+)", "\u\1", "all");
<form method="POST">
<h3>Snake Case</h3>
<textarea name="snake_case" cols="60" rows="10">#form.snake_case#</textarea>
<h3>Camel Case</h3>
<textarea name="camel_case" cols="60" rows="10">#form.camel_case#</textarea>
<h3>Upper Camel Case</h3>
<textarea name="upper_camel_case" cols="60" rows="10">#form.upper_camel_case#</textarea>
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