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My Slate Config
# This is the default .slate file.
# If no ~/.slate file exists this is the file that will be used.
config defaultToCurrentScreen true
config nudgePercentOf screenSize
config resizePercentOf screenSize
# Aliases
alias 1-left push left bar-resize:screenSizeX/2
alias 1-right push right bar-resize:screenSizeX/2
alias 0-throw throw 0 resize
# Resize Bindings
bind l:ctrl;alt resize +10% +0
bind h:ctrl;alt resize -10% +0
bind k:ctrl;alt resize +0 -10%
bind j:ctrl;alt resize +0 +10%
bind right:ctrl;alt resize -10% +0 bottom-right
bind left:ctrl;alt resize +10% +0 bottom-right
bind down:ctrl;alt resize +0 -10% bottom-right
# Maximize focused
bind m:ctrl;alt;cmd move 0;0 screenSizeX;screenSizeY
# Push Bindings
bind right:ctrl;cmd push right bar-resize:screenSizeX/2
bind left:ctrl;cmd push left bar-resize:screenSizeX/2
bind up:ctrl;cmd push up bar-resize:screenSizeY/2
bind down:ctrl;cmd push down bar-resize:screenSizeY/2
# Throw Bindings
# Throw windows to another monitor
bind 1:ctrl;alt throw 0 resize
bind 2:ctrl;alt throw 1 resize
bind right:ctrl;alt;cmd throw right resize
bind left:ctrl;alt;cmd throw left resize
# Window Hints
bind esc:cmd hint
# Layouts
layout dev 'Google Chrome' ${1-left}
layout dev 'iTerm' ${1-right}
layout dev 'Sublime Text 2' ${1-right}
layout dev 'HipChat' ${0-throw}
layout projects 'Emacs' ${1-right}
layout projects 'iTerm' ${1-left}
layout projects 'Google Chrome' ${0-throw}
bind 1:ctrl;alt;cmd layout dev
bind 2:ctrl;alt;cmd layout projects
# Focus Bindings
# Don't care for these.. I just use regular CMD-TAB focus
# bind right:cmd focus right
# bind left:cmd focus left
# bind up:cmd focus up
# bind down:cmd focus down
# bind up:cmd;alt focus behind
# bind down:cmd;alt focus behind
# Nudge Bindings
# These conflict with my spaces keys.
# They are not that useful to me anyway
#bind right:shift;alt nudge +10% +0
#bind left:shift;alt nudge -10% +0
#bind up:shift;alt nudge +0 -10%
#bind down:shift;alt nudge +0 +10%
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