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Juanje Ojeda juanje

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juanje /
Last active Nov 17, 2021
Limit Chrome from eating all the memory and CPU

I was tired of Chrome eating all my laptop resources so I decided to put some limit to it with cgroup.

As I was using Ubuntu 12.04 with support for cgroup, I installed the package cgroup-bin and add the following group to the file /etc/cgconfig.conf:

group browsers {
    cpu {
#       Set the relative share of CPU resources equal to 25%
        cpu.shares = "256";
juanje / gist:9603938
Created Mar 17, 2014
Install gem before to require it at Test-Kitchen
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Install gem before to require it at Test-Kitchen


I was trying some TDD with [Tesk-Kitchen][1] and [ServerSpec][2] when I found myself in the following case scenario:

I have a integration test like this:

# cookbook_webtest/test/integration/default/serverspec/localhost/webtest_spec.rb
juanje / winrm_setup.bat
Last active Dec 1, 2021
Batch script for activating the remote administration on Windows vía WinrRM
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REM This batch script is almost identical to
REM To use this from powershell on windows in a one liner:
REM (New-Object System.Net.WebClient).DownloadFile('','winrm_setup.bat') ; .\winrm_setup.bat
cmd.exe /c winrm quickconfig -q
cmd.exe /c winrm quickconfig -transport:http
cmd.exe /c winrm set winrm/config @{MaxTimeoutms="1800000"}
cmd.exe /c winrm set winrm/config/winrs @{MaxMemoryPerShellMB="300"}
cmd.exe /c winrm set winrm/config/service @{AllowUnencrypted="true"}
juanje / Berksfile
Last active Apr 10, 2017
Simplified Vagrant config for setting up a logstash server with Chef solo
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cookbook 'apt'
cookbook 'monit'
cookbook 'logstash', git: 'git://'
juanje / pushover_handler.rb
Created Jan 3, 2013
Example of Chef hanfler for sending run fails to Pushover (notifications to iPhone and Android)
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# cookbook/files/default/pushover_handler.rb
require "net/https"
module MyOrg
class PushOver < Chef::Handler
def initialize(config={})
@config = config
juanje / web_assertions.rb
Last active Dec 10, 2015
Examples of custom assertions for remote conections with MiniTest
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This is a short and simple example of custom assertions for Minitest.

They are very basic, but they help me to learn it. And I can use the to test some very simple use case of remote conection without install a bunch of gems.

I learn what I needed for this from this article and the minitest-chef-handler's code.

It can be improved a lot using Nokogiri and other Ruby libraries.

juanje / Berksfile
Created Dec 10, 2012
Example of config for bootstraping an Aentos project
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site :opscode
cookbook 'mongodb'
cookbook 'postgresql', '= 2.0.0'
cookbook 'apt'
cookbook 'sudo'
cookbook 'conf'
cookbook 'rvm', git: 'git://', branch: "v0.9.0"
cookbook 'aentos-bootstrap', git: 'git://'
juanje / gist:3797297
Created Sep 28, 2012
Mount apt cache of a Vagrant box in the host to spin up the packages installation
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This is a little trick I use to spin up the packages instalation on Debian/Ubuntu boxes in Vagrant.

I add a simple function that checks if a directory named something similar to ~/.vagrant.d/cache/apt/opscode-ubuntu-12.04/partial (it may have another path in Windows or MacOS) and create the directory if it doesn't already exist.

def local_cache(basebox_name)
  cache_dir ='cache', 'apt', basebox_name)
  partial_dir = cache_dir.join('partial')
  partial_dir.mkdir unless partial_dir.exist?
juanje / gist:3797207
Created Sep 28, 2012
Some useful lines for my Vagrantfiles
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# To have the last stable version of Chef (10.14.4)
# with the official Vagrant boxes
config.vm.provision :shell,
:inline => "gem search -i chef -v 10.14.4 || gem install chef -v 10.14.4 --no-rdoc --no-ri"
# with the official Opscode boxes
config.vm.provision :shell,
:inline => "/opt/chef/embedded/bin/gem search -i chef -v 10.14.4 || /opt/chef/embedded/bin/gem install chef -v 10.14.4 --no-rdoc --no-ri"
juanje / gist:3081998
Created Jul 10, 2012
A simple Logstash conffile with a custom grok filter
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input {
tcp {
type => "linux-syslog"
port => 3333
file {
type => "linux-syslog"
path => [ "/var/log/auth.log" ]