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Persistent connection to PostgreSQL database
# Custom DB backend postgresql_psycopg2 based
# implements persistent database connection using thread local storage
from threading import local
from django.db.backends.postgresql_psycopg2.base import DatabaseError, \
DatabaseWrapper as BaseDatabaseWrapper, IntegrityError
from psycopg2 import OperationalError
threadlocal = local()
class DatabaseWrapper(BaseDatabaseWrapper):
def _cursor(self, *args, **kwargs):
if hasattr(threadlocal, 'connection') and threadlocal.connection is \
not None and self.connection is None:
try: # Check if connection is alive
threadlocal.connection.cursor().execute('SELECT 1')
except OperationalError: # The connection is not working, need reconnect
threadlocal.connection = None
self.connection = threadlocal.connection
cursor = super(DatabaseWrapper, self)._cursor(*args, **kwargs)
if (not hasattr(threadlocal, 'connection') or threadlocal.connection \
is None) and self.connection is not None:
threadlocal.connection = self.connection
return cursor
def close(self):
if self.connection is not None:
self.connection = None
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