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Jürgen Hötzel juergenhoetzel

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(ns joc
(:use [clojure.test]))
(defn rpn-orig
([tokens] (rpn-orig tokens []))
([[top & tail] stack]
(if top
(if (fn? top)
(let [l (peek stack)
juergenhoetzel / lein-swank.el
Created May 30, 2010
Launch a Leiningen Swank Process and connect
We couldn’t find that file to show.
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(defmacro defcontract [name & forms]
(let [body (collect-bodies forms)]
(list* 'defn name body)))
(declare build-contract)
(defn collect-bodies [forms]
(for [form (partition 3 forms)]
(build-contract form)))
View DynaFrame.clj
(ns joy.gui.DynaFrame
:name joy.gui.DynaFrame
:extends javax.swing.JFrame
:prefix df-
:implements [clojure.lang.IMeta]
:state state
:init init
:constructors {[String] [String]}
:methods [[display [java.awt.Container] void]
View widgets.clj
(import (javax.swing Box BoxLayout JTextField JPanel
JSplitPane JLabel JButton JOptionPane)
(java.awt.event ActionListener)
(java.awt Component GridLayout FlowLayout))
(defn shelf [& components]
(let [shelf (JPanel.)]
(.setLayout shelf (FlowLayout.))
(doseq [c components] (.add shelf c))
View calc-slice-count.clj
(defn calc-slice-count [thing]
"Calculates the number of possible slices using the formula:
(n + r - 1)!
r!(n - 1)!
where n is (count thing) and r is 2"
(let [! #(reduce * (take % (iterate inc 1)))
n (count thing)
r 2]
(/ (! (- (+ n r) 1))
View web.clj
(ns joy.web
(:import ( HttpHandler HttpExchange HttpServer)
( InetSocketAddress HttpURLConnection)
( IOException FilterOutputStream)
(java.util Arrays)))
(defn default-handler [txt]
(proxy [HttpHandler] []
(handle [exchange]
(.sendResponseHeaders exchange HttpURLConnection/HTTP_OK (.length txt))
juergenhoetzel / hanging-shift-mode.el
Created Aug 9, 2010
Fix mistyped upcase characters in Emacs
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;;; hanging-shift-mode.el ---
;; Author: Jürgen Hötzel <>
(require 'cl)
(defun hanging-shift-sanitise-word ()
(let ((word (current-word t t)))
juergenhoetzel / defmethod-explicit.clj
Created Aug 10, 2010
Monkeying with Clojure’s defmethod Macro
View defmethod-explicit.clj
(defmacro defmethod-explicit
[multifn dispatch-val & fn-tail]
(let [[kw n & body] fn-tail]
(if (= :as kw)
`(let [~n ~dispatch-val]
(defmethod ~multifn ~dispatch-val ~body))
`(defmethod ~multifn ~dispatch-val ~fn-tail))))
(defmulti expl-mm (juxt first second))
View defunits-of.clj
(defmacro defunits-of [quantity base-unit & units]
(let [magnitude (gensym)
unit (gensym)
conversions (apply hash-map base-unit 1 units)]
`(defmacro ~(symbol (str "unit-of-" quantity))
[~magnitude ~unit]
`(* ~~magnitude
~(relative-units ~unit ~conversions)))))