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Julian C. Dunn juliandunn

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juliandunn / install-amanda-on-osx-lion
Created Jun 23, 2015
Old instructions I had for installing Amanda backup software on OS X Lion
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- Installed macports
- Installed gettext (sudo port install gettext)
- Installed libiconv
- Installed pkgconfig
- Installed glib2
- Create amanda user using the shell script from the wiki page
- Download and configure amanda with:
./configure \
--prefix=/Users/amanda/amanda \
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$weather_api_url = "";
$weather_api_ns = "";
function handle_digits($digits) {
$cleandigits = str_replace(array("#", "*"), "", $digits);
$maxdigits = substr($cleandigits, 0, 5);
$xml = fetch_data_for_zip($maxdigits);
list($city, $region, $text, $temp) = parse_xml($xml);
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"cpu": {
"0": {
"vendor_id": "GenuineIntel",
"family": "1",
"model": "15876",
"stepping": null,
"physical_id": "CPU0",
"cores": 1,
"model_name": "Intel64 Family 6 Model 62 Stepping 4",
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l5a1vp001_pub[/tmp] > sudo installp -aXYgd chef-12.1.2-1.powerpc.bff all
Pre-installation Verification...
Verifying selections...done
Verifying requisites...done



Waiving meetings

In some cases the IC might determine that a PM meeting for the incident isn't needed. If the IC decides to waive the meeting please replace the Meeting section with a note indicating the meeting has been waived (example: Meeting waived: Paul Mooring)


Product Artifacts


  • Product doc
  • Lean canvas
  • Value proposition doc
  • Persona doc


  • Roadmap
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juliandunn /
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Panel at SXSWi on building companies on customer revenue rather than venture money

Series R: How Customer Revenue is Replacing Series A

Chris Savage (@csavage) - founder and CEO of Wistia

  • Better video for businesses - SaaS
  • 150k companies, 8.5 years of longevity
  • 35 team members, 1 office
  • Launched in 2006, got first paying customer about a year round in
  • Angel round after 2 years
juliandunn /
Last active Aug 29, 2015
What Has Eric Ries Learned Since 2011?

What Has Eric Ries Learned Since 2011?

Interview at SXSW Interactive 2015. Interviewer: Ted Greenwald from the Wall Street Journal.

Can you summarize the Lean Startup for those who aren't familiar

  • No rigorous, longitudinal study to determine whether Lean Startup is true or not, but he’s hoping there will be.
  • A startup is just anything new being created under conditions of extreme uncertainty.
  • Use science and not astrology to figure out what’s supposed to happen. That's what is in the book.
  • A pivot is just a change in strategy w/o a change in vision.
juliandunn /
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Talk at SXSWi by Joel Trammell.

Evolving from founder to great CEO

Joel Trammell, ex-CEO of NetQOS

CEO: command, management, leadership

  • management is power granted by your position
  • leadership is power granted freely because of a follower’s perception of your credibility, competence and caring.