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Julián Duque julianduque

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rvagg / sanitize-gcal-bookmarklet.js
Created Jun 27, 2016
Bookmark to sanitize Google Calendar view for screenshotting
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javascript:[]'.evt-lk,.cbrdcc,.cloc'), (e) => e.innerHTML = ''); []'.cbrd, .rb-n'), (e) => { = '#9ea0ff'; = '#3d40d9'; = '#1d1d1d' }); []'.rb-ni > div'), (e) => = 'transparent #9ea0ff'); []'.cbrd .mask'), (e) => e.parentNode.removeChild(e)); void(0)
camilonova / script.js
Last active Jun 4, 2016
Utilizando la sucursal virtual de bancolombia es frustrante tener que escribir la clave con el teclado virtual y ver esa alerta del navegador. Pega el contenido de este script en la consola del navegador para que puedas escribir la clave con el teclado. Ver en acción:
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function blockEnter(evt) {return true;}
function validarNoUsarTecladoReal_OnKeyPress(_object){return false;}
naranjitagolden /
Last active Mar 30, 2016
Review of NodeSchool Girls Med experience for the nodeschool Newsletter

Hi there! In November 2014, We began with the idea of create a Node SchoolGirls chapter in Medellin - Colombia with the help and encouragement of MedellinJS community. The objective was to spread Node knowledge among women and it resulted in a very interesting experiment.

We have learnt a lot! at the beginning we only used the self guide workshop, but the frustration and struggle to finish it was so high, that the outcome was a lot of desertions. We started with 25 assistants, between teenagers, beginners and girls from different backgrounds like, biology, artistics, psychology, senior engineers that wanted to catch up with the new technologies, among others. After the second workshop (and after a lot of tears and frustrating faces), 8 girls remained, and the other ones never came back even with coaching and motivation attempts.

![Primeras reuniones del año Javascripting - Learnyounode]( "Primeras versiones del año Javascripting -

thlorenz /
Last active Oct 13, 2016
Script to update Node.js addons to work with nan 2.0.x and thus with iojs v3.x (gets you 90% there)
rauchg /
Last active Jun 19, 2017
Writing ES6 today, effectively.

Effective transpiling of ES6

After publishing my article on ECMAScript 6, some have reached out to ask how I exactly I make it all work.

I refrained from including these details on the original post because they're subject to immiment obsoletion. These tools are changing and evolving quickly, and some of these instructions are likely to become outdated in the coming months or even weeks.

The main tool

When evaluating the available transpilers, I decided to use 6to5, which has recently been renamed to Babel. I chose it based on:

yujikiriki / gist:65bf00d105613e203184
Created Dec 22, 2014
Referencias a tolerancia a fallas
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The bizantine generals problem - Lamport
Why Do Computers Stop and What Can Be Done About It? - Jim Gray
Why do Internet services fail, and what can be done about it? - Oppenheimer
Lightweight Recoverable Virtual Memory - M. Satyanarayana
Principles of Antifragile Software - Martin Monperrus
Building on Quicksand - Helland, Campbell
Crash-Only Software - Candea, Fox
Fault Tolerance via Idempotence - Ramalingam, Vaswani
Fundamental Concepts of Dependability - Avizienis, Laprie, Randell
How Complex Systems Fail - Richard I. Cook, MD
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browserify adventure
stream adventure
functional javascript
promise it won't hurt
async you
mathisonian /
Last active Feb 23, 2021
requiring npm modules in the browser console

demo gif

The final result: require() any module on npm in your browser console with browserify

This article is written to explain how the above gif works in the chrome (and other) browser consoles. A quick disclaimer: this whole thing is a huge hack, it shouldn't be used for anything seriously, and there are probably much better ways of accomplishing the same.

Update: There are much better ways of accomplishing the same, and the script has been updated to use a much simpler method pulling directly from browserify-cdn. See this thread for details:


airportyh /
Last active Jun 19, 2017
JSConf 2014 Slides, Codes and Notes.

JSConf Slides, Codes and Notes

These are all the JSConf 2014 slides, codes, and notes I was able to cull together from twitter. Thanks to the speakers who posted them and thanks to @chantastic for posting his wonderful notes.

Modular frontend with NPM - Jake Verbaten (@Raynos)